Antlers for Orphans, 125 Likes and Counting!


Antlers for Orphans is now on Facebook!  Click this image above to our new Facebook page and spread the word.  Our goal is to get 10 Antlers for Orphans Chapters up and running by Spring time. Help us make a difference and truly save lives of orphans in Uganda!

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One Tine at a Time.



Just back from Uganda!


Thaddeus and Kelsey just returned back from Uganda while spending time with ROWAN’s orphans and widows in the deep bush. The kids had never seen an antler like that before! You should have seem them try to play with it, put it on their head, and poke their friends.

IMG_3756 (2)

This is the time where we want to reach out to more ranches, more partners, more friends- to see these antlers provide food, medicine and education for our 106 orphans!

Have antlers? Know someone who does? Doesn’t matter what state you are in, we will take them. Contact us Today!


Antler $$$ So Far!


Despite all the beautiful snow in the last few months, we have been successful in gathering a great pile of antlers from ranches, individuals, and personal shed hunting! This is so exciting. After hours of calculating each antler, our total donations received so far is…(give or take a few bucks)

$ 585.00!!

But we are not done yet! Before we head out in July, we want to raise $10,000 more in antlers. Can you help us? Do you know a ranch that could help? Do you know a family that has old antlers lying around who would be willing to donate? Would you want to go out on public land and shed hunt for our orphans in Uganda?DSC01713

Make it a family outing and do it together! We encourage you to join us as we continue to utilize natural resources to help HIV orphans go to school and receive their medication!

One Tine at a Time.

How 1 Kind Man Made a Big Difference

last pic

After reading the article in the Sky Hi Newspaper, a kind gentleman named Geoff from Hot Sulfur took the initiative and dropped by a box of antlers to donate. After we got talking, he was curious how the money goes to help these orphans in Uganda.

ROWAN stands for Rural Orphans & Widows AIDS Network.  This is a non profit organization run by local Ugandan leaders that run all programs and projects from the ground. All $$ from the antlers will go towards assisting these orphans to ensure they get proper education, medical care and are placed in a loving home. These children are chosen as the most vulnerable,  but if you see their faces above, they lack anything but joy!

These orphans simply need help getting on their feet and soon the are able to fly. Once they go to school and find a job, they graduate from the program and are able to sustain their livelihood. The best part is: They did it themselves. They just needed a little help getting on their feet!

Join Geoff and take the first step in collecting antlers around you! Antlers for Orphans will gladly come pick them up, or you can drop them off at

502 A 10th street
Kremmling, CO 80459

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