Help & Donate

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Help Us.
There are several ways you can contribute to this Campaign

  1. Donate Your Antlers, any size, any color, any shape, any quantity
  2. Donate Time on your land: Permit experienced shed hunters on your land to find antlers to donate. Number of shed hunters and amount of time permitted is up to the land owner.
  3. Donate funds toward ROWAN programs.
  4.  Volunteer as an experienced shed hunter to assist in finding sheds for ROWAN
  5. Organize an Antlers for Orphans Chapter in your region as a collection center.

What You Receive In Return.

  1. Your antlers turn into a financial donation, which is tax deductible. You will receive a tax receipt for the amount of profit made from your antlers.
  2. Ranch owners and individuals who donate antlers will receive an Antlers for Orphans hat and/or T shirt!

For more information, email Thaddeus or call 970-531-7737.


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